Yoga is a Science rather than Art.

Yoga is more a science than art. Yoga is an ancient technique of keeping ones body healthy and mind alert. It requires the knowledge of doing various asanas in a particular scientific manner. The asanas involves the controlled breath exercises & the various postures. It’s a science because the technique of breathing exercises helps in gaining the energy & the technique of physical exercises helps in rejuvenating each cell of the body & keep it healthy. Although Yoga taught by Rishi Patanjali was mainly to attain physical endurance of body & to gain energy to improve concentration in order to control Mind but some Yoga Gurus are promoting it for tantricism, eroticism & all sorts of activities against normal social norms. It’s therefore an art that how to present it for society’s good in general & individual’s benefit in particular. Yoga is scientifically proved way of living healthy life, from ancient times till date, yoga has proved that where science has its own limits yoga is limitless and help in achieving health and other benefits of healthy living by simply following scientifically proved (validated) techniques.


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